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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mega Man 3 Speed Run Any% - New PB 45:51 Woo Hoo!

Welcome to Meteorwave's Gaming Universe - Where we Like to Get PB's in Mega Man III 

I am so excited everyone!  I can't believe that i finally got a time like this in Mega Man III.  I've been practicing this game for almost 9 months now, and i'm so excited on my progress.  I went from getting a 51:20, to a 49:10, to a 48:10, and now i have jumped to a 45:51!  

I managed to make it through the 8 Robot Master's levels without dying.  I think i ended up dying 3 times during this run (also a personal best LOL).  I hope you enjoy my speed run, and be sure to check out my YouTube Channel for other fun videos too!  

Published by:  Meteorwave (Coaster Mike)