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Friday, October 2, 2015

Super Mario Bros. 3 (One of My All Time Favorites)

Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. 3 For the Nintendo Entertainment System & Famicom

Hey Guys!

Thanks for all that stopped by my stream a couple of nights ago!  If you haven't figured out from my blog, I'm a game caster on Twitch!

Super Mario Bros. 3 Box ArtMy most recent game on stream was Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  I generally gravitate towards platformers, retro, and simulation.  I don't really discriminate against new titles, but I generally want some element of fantasy and fun.  The more cartoon-like, the better as well.

Mario 3 is a game that pretty much everyone played.  It was so big at the time!  Anyone remember that movie The Wizard?  That was the 1st US showing of the game, due to the delay in shipping the game over to the US.  Apparently, Nintendo could not produce enough of the cartridges fast enough and the release was delayed!  Also, remember this commercial?

Yea . . . that's how many people played this video game back in the day.

Anyway, you can watch one of my previous broadcasts of my most recent play through on my twitch channel, and I'll be releasing highlights from that playthrough very soon!  Hope to see you guys by my Twitch & YouTube Channels Soon!

Safe Interstellar Journeys,