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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

First Coaster Built with RollerCoaster Tycoon World! | Lateral-Gee | Con...

Welcome to Meteorwave's Gaming Universe!  please enjoy my retro & simulation gaming shenanigans!  And Now we'll be playing even more Rollercoaster Tycoon World which is still in Beta by Atari.  I believe that by now the game is on it's 3rd development team (yes you read that right) and the 2nd limited beta release weekend has been delayed until sometime mid January (or who knows).

This was my first attempt at building ANY roller coaster in this game, and it was also my first wooden roller coaster.  In my opinion the game's wooden coaster was one of the most broken of all coasters.  It would crash randomly in different places for no reason.  You could test the ride twice and it would crash incrementally closer to the station, for example.

So I did manage to get some off-ride footage and a POV of this coaster, which I am calling Lateral-Gee due to all of the lateral g-forces sustained on the turns of the ride.  I was unable to really build many twisty drops on the wooden coaster as it was severely limited compared to what REAL wooden coasters can do.  Please see this POV that I filmed of a Roller Coaster called Ravine Flyer II

Now that is what a wooden coaster is ALL about these days.  It's about steep twisty drops, lots of steeply banked turns.  All kinds of airtime!  In fact, more wooden coasters are even going upside down now with zero-g maneuvers.

I think the developers are really working as hard as they can to improve the game, and here is a link to their most recent Alienware Live cast with the game's developers:

Please check out that video too if you're interested in the game.  I will definitely be posting more videos soon, oh and thanks to DJ.KiKeBufon for the great track that's creative commons licensed from!  Check out that site to find great audio and archival footage for your movies today!


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